JCYC Studio is a boutique consulting agency that works to multiply a client’s specific personal, organisational, and generational impact. Started in 2003 in the US, JCYC Studio moved its international headquarters to Singapore in 2009.

JCYC Studio believes in cultivating client-partners who are involved actively in identifying the challenges, formulating the solutions and implementing the methods that will ensure success. JCYC Studio provides the expertise in a myriad of areas, ranging from education, training and development to business strategies and communication.

We are interested in helping our clients to find resolutions to their immediate organizational challenges, not merely meet a training quota. Our favourite question is: “What are your pressing needs?

“ When we worked with JCYC Studio in group facilitation, we never knew a dull moment. Tons of energy and creativity will be expected, yet with a keen eye on organization impact and excellence. ”

– Dr. K. Jeter, Institute of Urban Education, Ohio, USA

“ JCYC Studio was not afraid to embrace complexity. They identified simple and effective solutions and strengthens our common vision that unites differing perspectives in the family business. ”

– E.W. Chang, Real Estate Developer, Taipei, Taiwan

“ I am forever weary of over-priced executive coaches. However, JCYC Studio exhibited a rare combination of theory, wisdom, and practical ideas that is worth every dollar. ”

– J. Manson, President, R. Mason Press, Tennessee, USA

“ In a world calling for innovation, Ya-Chin Chen is one of the few who understand its artistic essence. She brings to the conversation a language and ideas that can help move us forward. ”

–  D. Jones, Lawyer, North Carolina, USA

“ JCYC Studio just does not compromise when it comes to achieving standards of excellence. ”

– Dustin Bloch, Bloch Design, Texas, USA

“ The JCYC Studio way is to take a situation, break it apart to components, razor into problem spots, generate possible solutions and then, explain it with the intriguing imagery for full understanding for the team. ”

– D.O. Johnson, Founder, Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System, Texas, USA

“ Working with JCYC Studio has been a privilege. Their worldwide depth of experiences covering cognitive learning and business development has exceeded many clients' expectations. ”

- Nathan Curtis Marketing & Communications Executive at Canadian International School (Singapore)