JCYC Studio is a boutique consulting agency that works to multiply a client’s specific personal, organisational, and generational impact. Started in 2003 in the US, JCYC Studio moved its international headquarters to Singapore in 2009.

JCYC Studio believes in cultivating client-partners who are involved actively in identifying the challenges, formulating the solutions and implementing the methods that will ensure success. JCYC Studio provides the expertise in a myriad of areas, ranging from education, training and development to business strategies and communication.

We are interested in helping our clients to find resolutions to their immediate organizational challenges, not merely meet a training quota. Our favourite question is: “What are your pressing needs?

  Arts & Entertainment
  Business Sector
  Communication &
Arts & Entertainment
  • Managed a concert PR campaign for an internationally-known musician
  • Ideation, filming and editing of TV infomercials
  • Interior design ideation for fast food restaurants
Business Sector
  • Compiled negotiation profiling for proposal positioning
  • Corporate benchmarking projects (USA)
  • Experimental packaging design for an artisan soap producer (Taiwan)
  • Sourcing project for international trading partners (Taiwan & China)
  • Advisory for business incubator program set-up (South Africa)
  • Consultation for Market entry projects (South Africa, Thailand and Indonesia)
  • Advisory on Memorandum of Understanding for SMEs (USA)
Communication & Media
  • Produced a series of video segments to incorporate as part of online PR campaign
  • Increased conversion rate by about 300% with better scripting of TV and radio spots 
  • Coaching for first time book writers (USA & Singapore)
  • Coaching on Social Media Usage to increase branding and raise profile
  • Production of company newsletters, commemorative books and web microsites
  • Event management for product launches, gala events and roadshows
  • Research & develop of effective educational products and services (USA & Indonesia)
  • Serviced 15+ first tier universities with academic intervention program (USA)
  • Developed 8 major training courses on topics ranging from change management to process and practice of innovation.
  • Released 2 major research publications related to cognitive learning science
  • Collaborated in research study on the science of extraordinary human performance improvement (USA)
  • Assisted in design and implementation of a long-term leadership & talent development program with a leading tertiary institution for high potential students (Singapore)
  • Commissioned studies on the creative recreational use of Chicago River walkway for local municipality (USA)
  • Collaborated with South Africa’s regional government on workforce development program for offenders in the correctional facilities
  • Community educational program set up (South Africa &Cambodia)
  • Designed 2 premier youth development camps focusing on culture competency and leadership development (USA)
  • Social enterprise set-up advisory (Thailand, South Africa, Cambodia, USA)